Friday, April 3, 2009

INDIO and Desert Aire RV Resort

Desert Aire RV Resort in Indio from Sunday March 30 to April 7. This RV Park has appealed to us since our very first visit here to see Don and Suzan King. We are fortunate that Suzan was able to arrange a site for us across the street from them and one for the Kilpatricks around the corner.

What luck for us! We arrived on Sunday to a wonderful Reception for us or at least that is what we told Lyle and Dorothy who arrived a day later! Actually it was the Block Pot Luck Party and we enjoyed a great selection of food and interesting conversations with our new neighbours.
The RV Resort has swimming pools, hot tub, a number of rooms for hobbies, games, parties and a great library. What we like about this park is the size......only 324 sites. The size is what contributes to the friendly welcome that you receive from everyone you meet. They may be busy here but not too busy to include a newcomer. We always feel at home here.

The city of Indio is located 26 miles east of Palm Springs where the airport is handy and 113 miles east of Anaheim where Mickey lives......what else do you need. There is a great selection of golf courses, restaurants and the shopping is only limited by your budget if that is your interest.

We have been to a few places to eat, plus dinner at our friends or hosting dinner for our friends!
We have noticed that the water must be different as our clothes are SHRINKING. They were fine the first month of our travels but lately.......we have noticed an extra roll or two! How could that be?
Lyle and Dorothy left today, Sunday, and we leave on Tuesday heading to Vernon and then to Red Deer. I am not sure John is ready to go home but it will be nice to see family again.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Borrego Springs, California

We were not sure which town we were going to visit/stay except we knew we were heading west. There are several choices but Borrego Springs sounded the most intriguing and it was a short distance to Indio which is our next destination.
Borrego Springs is a small town with a Circle Drive at the centre/entrance of town that has a busy park in that centre. On our first drive by, there were 16 motor cycles plus cars parked beside the park. Later that day there was a string of bright yellow cars ranging from a 32 Ford Roadster, a Fiat Spider to a 2007 Prowler.
The Springs RV Resort & Golf Course at Borrego
This is the most scenic small park that we have stayed at so far plus the most expensive. It was delightful to spend Friday and Saturday here. Our site overlooked one of the fairways in this Championships 9 Hole Golf Course which adds a dramatic green to the Anza Borrego Desert State Park.

Saturday we took the scenic drive ( yes yet another scenic drive!) and we were impressed with the steepness of the mountain jutting right out of the flat desert! The drive up was very steep and as you would expect the serpentine road afforded us some great views.

We also visited the Anna-Borrego Desert State Park visitor centre and it was crowded with people who came to see the desert while it was still in bloom. Everyone wanted to find out where and what flowers were in bloom. The Ocotillo were in bloom everywhere and the desert looked tinged with a red/orange colour. This tall, spindly plant gets transformed and looks like a candle with spikes of red flowers flaming at its tips.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Las Cruces, NM to Casa Grande then to Yuma, Az

We spent two nights at Sunny Acres, RV Park in Las Cruces and just had quiet down time. No tours, no museums, no monuments, no historical buildings or parks......just a Saturday Night.BBQ and a game of cards outside our motor home. Dorothy and I let Lyle and John win a game of Rookie! There are some interesting places to visit near by and the city itself begs to be explored and we quite like this small, quiet park in the centre of town so we plan to "be back". Sunday was a quiet, hot and sunny day that included audio/video chats with family followed by the enjoyable movie "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage.
Monday we are on the road from Las Cruces to Casa Grande. John and I booked into
Rovers Roost on Montgomery Road, on the south/west side of Casa Grande. Talk about a Small, Quiet RV Park....this is it! it is "Social Hour" at 4:00 pm and the community room is a buzz with chatter. The hosts insist that we join them and so we did. What a fun friendly busy group of older seniors at this RV Park. We are only here for overnight and the low, low price of $15 for full hook ups is what attracted us. The reason we would stop by again is for the friendliness! Lyle and Dorothy are at Fiesta Grande in town for a few days to visit friends while we are heading on to Yuma to visit Friends.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Enroute to Roswell and Las Cruces, Nm

Roswell is about 70 miles from Carlsbad KOA so that means it is on our route. Build it and they will come! And they were right! At least Ithink that is what they thought when the put the framed photograghs, clippings from newspapers, typed first person accounts of UFO's (with typos) together in a building on main street. The most interesting things in the Museum are from the Movie: Roswell, UFO Coverup starring Martin Sheen. They show the movie there and if you have missed it and are in the area you can see it with the price of admission. It is poor example of a Museum and research centre but lots of people stop by. The town is not inviting enough for us to stay there but I am sure that some do. It is an effective tourist attraction.
The Drive from Roswell west to Las Cruces was very interesting. We went from flat arid desert to grasslands, to hills then a mountain area with pine trees, a ski resort, Ski Apache the back to desert and sand hiils when we drove into White Sands which is near Las Cruces. We are at Sunny Acres RV

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sitting Bull Falls

It is a beautiful, warm, sunny Friday and that makes it a great day for a country drive and a Picnic! The drive is to Sitting Bull falls which is 35 miles from Carlsbad KOA along a relatively little-traveled, road through the Guadalupe Mountains. This is sheep grazing country interspersed with gas plants. Our KOA brochure reads that if we catch a whiff of an unpleasant (sulphurous) smell that it is the smell of money. There is lots of money on this route until we get to the canyons and the State park. The falls is a veil of water and if we want to experience the roar of the falls that would be in July after the rains although there is water all year coming off the canyon wall in the middle of an arid desert. This is a wonderful serene, beautiful, rugged and enchanted place to visit and so unlike other places that we have encountered that we are thrilled to be here. We have packed a Picnic Lunch as we have had enjoyed some great lunch spots and this would be one of the best.

Carlsbad Caverns Thursday Mar 19

The Carlsbad Caverns were amazing! We spent 2 hours on the 1st Self Guided Tour starting at the Natural Entrance. This hike is similar to walking into a steep canyon, a descent of about 800 feet in one mile. Some of the highlights the Devil's Spring, Whale's Mouth and Iceberg Rock. The 2nd two hour Tour was in the "Big Room" and some of the amazing sights were: the Lion's Tail, Hall of Giants, Bottomless Pit and Rock of Ages. When we were done we took a 750 ft Elevator to the top. We enjoyed out late Picnic Lunch overlooking the valley below.
This is a wonderful place to visit. Out pictures do NOT do justice to the beauty of the these rock formations. There are other guided tours and trails that we would take if we are in the area another time. We stayed at the Carlsbad KOA for 3 nights to enjoy this area..

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is a United States National Park located in the Guadalupe Mountains in southeastern New Mexico. The primary attraction of the park for most visitors is the show cave, Carlsbad Caverns.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Heading West via of San Angelo on Tuesday Mar 17

San Angelo, Texas is is located north west of San Antonio on the banks of the Concho River between US Highway 87 North and South. There are always cities or towns or historic points of interest on our route. We chose to take US highway 87 north to San Angelo just to vary our return route. The city is similar in size as Red Deer but does not have the extent of recent business development that Red Deer enjoyed on the south side of town. What is also similar is the river that flows through San Angelo and the path along the river that is similar to the section along Bower Ponds. This area is inviting and very scenic. This is also the location of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts which is 30,000 square foot structure is built of native Texas limestone and has beautiful mesquite wood floors, galleries with soaring 40-foot ceilings and 4,000 square foot upper level deck with a view of the Concho River and downtown. This is a major attraction in San Angelo We took a stroll along the river and then toured parts of the Historic Down Town which was disappointing. We sometimes find the “Historic Old Town” district to be less than expected as it usually consists of old run- down buildings with possibly one or maybe two that have been refurbished. San Angelo was not an exception. Luckily we continued on and finally found the newer section and chose the “Outback Steakhouse” for supper. It was an excellent choice!