Friday, April 3, 2009

INDIO and Desert Aire RV Resort

Desert Aire RV Resort in Indio from Sunday March 30 to April 7. This RV Park has appealed to us since our very first visit here to see Don and Suzan King. We are fortunate that Suzan was able to arrange a site for us across the street from them and one for the Kilpatricks around the corner.

What luck for us! We arrived on Sunday to a wonderful Reception for us or at least that is what we told Lyle and Dorothy who arrived a day later! Actually it was the Block Pot Luck Party and we enjoyed a great selection of food and interesting conversations with our new neighbours.
The RV Resort has swimming pools, hot tub, a number of rooms for hobbies, games, parties and a great library. What we like about this park is the size......only 324 sites. The size is what contributes to the friendly welcome that you receive from everyone you meet. They may be busy here but not too busy to include a newcomer. We always feel at home here.

The city of Indio is located 26 miles east of Palm Springs where the airport is handy and 113 miles east of Anaheim where Mickey lives......what else do you need. There is a great selection of golf courses, restaurants and the shopping is only limited by your budget if that is your interest.

We have been to a few places to eat, plus dinner at our friends or hosting dinner for our friends!
We have noticed that the water must be different as our clothes are SHRINKING. They were fine the first month of our travels but lately.......we have noticed an extra roll or two! How could that be?
Lyle and Dorothy left today, Sunday, and we leave on Tuesday heading to Vernon and then to Red Deer. I am not sure John is ready to go home but it will be nice to see family again.