Sunday, January 4, 2009

What is Dress Club?

I posted some photos on Facebook from December's Dress Club. It was our group's Christmas dinner followed by a gift exchange. Our hostess Jan is the quintessential queen of Christmas and her home exudes warmth and charm. The charm of the evening was reflected in the photos and my niece Rhonda Redner McFaul commented on them and then asked: "What is a Dress Club?"
Our Dress Club is a social group of 10 women who get together one night a month, for our group it is the 3rd Wednesday of the Month. The hostess decides on an activity for the evening plus serves either some snacks or dessert. Our group also serves wine and since we often car pool there is always a designated driver. We seldom exceed two bottles of wine; one red, one white unless it is a dinner meeting (opening, wind-up and Christmas). The activities for the evening are as varied as the members and our interests. Such as: small craft projects, wood carving, private Art Gallery tour, a Laughter Session, a Psychic, Cemetery Tour, Journalling, Boating, Golfing lesson, Cooking Class, Red Cross Disaster Volunteer, a Choral Group, Reiki and even the secrets of a Private Eye! We all enjoy the variation of the group and our activities.
We each pay the hostess $25.00 and often she will share her purchase. This year I am buying a bracelet for my new Pandora Charms. The hostess is selected randomly, high card draw or on availability. We each have a Secret Pal who remembers our Birthday, Anniverary and at Christmas.

We have delevoped very strong, unique frienships, learned a lot and have had a great deal of fun!
See for yourself!


Rhonda said...

That sounds wonderful! What a great way to develop friendships.

I love your friend's 'Christmas' house. Beautiful.

Margaret said...

I need the practice and something to write about so thanks for asking the question.:-) You were a great support on Facebook for me and any suggestions on blogging would be appreciated. I am enjoying the learning!

millie said...

This works pretty slick!!!
We golfed today and then cleaned the Arisona room out as Al and Ray Stickland are going to start tiling the floor tomorrow if all goes well. Sure would like a visit if it works for you all on your return from Texas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret, I have enjoyed your blog and will return. It is very good and interesting and fun!! Hope your travels continue to be relaxing and adventurous. Dian

Margaret said...

Thanks Dian, M