Monday, February 23, 2009

Driving to El Paso, Texas Fri Feb 20

Another intersting days drive. The route that we chose is off interstae 10 and via Highway 9 which follows along the Mexican border. To say that this is a quiet road is an under statement as the traffic is less than slight... we did meet s couple from Stoney Plain, Ab at a rest area. They also noted that only Albertians chose this quiet(desolate?) stretch of highway.The traffic mainly consisted of Border Patrol (13!!) and FBI vehicles. A border patrol did stop to make enquiries when we stopped for a stretch.
From Bisbee 2009- 02- 13 to 17

We stopped to take a picture of the scenery.....this interesting tree!
From Bisbee 2009- 02- 13 to 17

We looked for wild burros...but only found this ass!
From Bisbee 2009- 02- 13 to 17

No kids...I really wasn't that bored!


Patrick Galesloot said...

So you asked John to take that one on purpose?

keep having fun :-)

Margaret said...

A momemt om "The Bored & The Reatless". :-)