Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Running Of The Gourds"

Did you miss it? The Wuertz Farm's 6th Annual Gourd Festival that was on the weekend of February 6 -8th at the Pinal County Fairground!! Well we didn't! Who knew all the artistic creations that talented people can make with a Gourd?
This is a well attended event that is not just for gawking tourists. It is a judged event for the artists and place to them to display their wares, offer classes, buy gourds for their next project and visit with fellow artists and suppliers.

Check out http://www.wuertzfarm.com/


Patrick Galesloot said...

Is it a requirement for the retired Males to wear hats?

Margaret said...

YES! You will too but at a much younger age! M

Jeff said...

I just hope that some day I can go to gourd festival. Make sure Dad takes his pills - that's a whole lot of excitement for him.