Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tombstone: The Town Too Tough Too Die

The Wild, Wild West is here! Monday afternoon we pull into Tombstone RV and right off we notice the quaint, homey atmosphere and adjust our expectations to old time western hospitality. We mosey into Tombstone and walk down the dusty, dirt covered main street and try not to fake draw our six shooters. . John & Lyle are excited & reminiscing about their favorite old western TV shows and their "Gene Autrey" pistols with holster that Santa brought several Christmas's ago! It is sunny, quiet late Monday afternoon in Tombstone and the town looks like one we have seemed in a Movie......probably you too.
From 2009- 02- 13 to 17

From Tombstone AZ
The Earp Boys and Doc Halliday add to the Old Wild West ambiance. The town survies on tourists and the merchants all play a role.

From Tombstone AZ

John is learning a card game called Faro from this Old Timer....oops I mean Doc Halliday! :-)

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