Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Last Few Days at Casa Grande

The panic is on...our days are limited at Casa Grande! Both motor homes are being cleaned and waxed by John and Lyle and they are gleaming in the bright sunshine. We know that some of the towns we will be visiting on our trip east are quite small so "stocking up" with groceries, beer and wine is essential and a fun thing to do!
Friday Feb 13 is our day for the Mesa Market and we are looking forward to the trip.

From Mesa Market Feb 13 2009

The market is huge with four buildings and several hundred stalls, Our walkie talkies come in handy as we often wander off and lose each other in the growing crowd of people.
Of course we all have our things of interest.......especially John as he loves the selection of TOOLS (aka...stuff) ...this is Mecca!

From Mesa Market Feb 13 2009

Look at the smiles on Lyle and Dorothy...they already found there first treasure!

From Mesa Market Feb 13 2009

We always shop for Grandkid stuff......and neglect their parents! Oh well!

From Mesa Market Feb 13 2009

The other reason we enjoy the trip to Mesa is the late lunch stop at Queen Creek Olive Mill Restaurant! The selection of stuffed olives and olive oils here make our heart sing....our is it the great lunches here? You must try this place...if you can find it as it is off the GPS grid but they have good directions on their website. And yes we bought stuffed olives to serve at family dinners Sherry and De!

Saturday is Valentines Day and it is just another reason to get together for food and drinks and we are hosting Lyle & Dorothy for a Valentines Dinner. I love the planning aand the cooking and it starts out simple enough with the food preparation for Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Brownies with Caramel Sauce. Saturday morning I am helping Alex & Alison Richards send photos to their son and it just makes sense to include them for the Valentines dinner. When our next door neighbours, Jack & Gayle Olson, arrive home later that afternoon from Tuscon.....well we can't leave them out!

Dinner for Eight in our Motor Home is what it is! The guests arrive with wine; Jack with his large brown jug of Scotch and we have a Party!

Sunday was a quiet day in our area. However, we all get together for Happy is tradition here and we are on the road tomoorw. Dinner is Chinese food at Luckys Restaurant which we discovered last week. Thursday we enjoyed lunch at a new Mexican Reastaurant "Eva's"....we will come back to this one another time. Beautiful decor and great food.


Anonymous said...

Hi Folks!

Wondering if you'll be back in Casa Grande the 3rd week in March?

Mark & Linda

Margaret said...

I am not sure but sinced you might be there? if you are we will connect. We are in the south/west part of Texas at Alpine Tx and heading to Big Bend park then to Brownsville, etc. Margaret