Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Corpus Christi

Monday was another great day for drive and except for some BIG wind gusts it was an easy drive. This is fertile land and the ranches are big.....everything in Texas is big....honest. The largest US ranch is at Kingsville just south of Corpus Christi. It is aptly named: "King Ranch".
We are teasing Lyle and Dorothy, former flat-landers from Saskatchewan, that they must feel at home here as the description "table flat" does not totally capture this landscape. It is all dressed in fresh spring green on green and I am going to miss that when we return to Alberta in April.
We basked in the late day sunshine and warm breezes (hold on to your hat) at Hatch RV which feels and looks like we are in the country but is 5 minutes from downtown. The brochure described the longevity of the RV Park but also stated that it had been modernized. I'm thinking that would have been before MY kids were born! Yup....a long time ago right Duane and Pat?
Tuesday is tour day so we are on the harbour early and noticing the size of this prosperous city although it is quiet at the harbour. This is a city that has a long economic history in agricultural, tourism, military (naval base), mining and as a major port.

The harbour is much larger than at Padre Island and the boats in the "Private" section are bigger and grander. Shoreline Drive takes you past some very well appointed palatial size homes. There are excellent museums, cultural centres and art galleries. We were impressed with Asian Culture Centre on the harbour near the visitor centre.
The Main Attraction though is the USS Lexington which is an air craft carrier form WW Two.
Take a look if you too are interested.

After a delicious lunch at Landry's Seafood House we did a circle tour from the harbour along the shoreline and over to Padre Island, Mustang Island and took the Port Aransas Ferry back to Corpus Christi. The Mustang Island State Park has over 5 miles of Gulf of Mexico beaches and and the view is unimpeded by the trees. :-) Fishing is a primary attraction as it was around Brownsville. Fishermen are everywhere. This is an interesting barrier island and is one of the best places to see coastal marine life, from stingrays to blue herons. There are many choices of places to stay, either in motels, condos or rental apartments, or you can camp. Primitive beach camping is on a first-come, first-served basis. There are rinse showers, bulk water and portable toilets in convenience stations along the beach. Today there were LOTS of College kids parked on the beach and Dorothy and I were wondering: "Where are all the Port A Pottys?" We are surprised by the large section of beach that you can drive on, park at edge of the water and set up camp!

This has been a great day and there is lots more to explore but we are moving on to San Antonio! There is SO much to see and do and so little time! Alas, we may be home in a month or so.


Snowite73 said...

Sounds like you are having quite the adventure!

Margaret said...

yes Shannon We are having a great time! Thx