Saturday, March 14, 2009

San Antonio Days

We are in San Antonio on Wednesday afternoon and the weather has been Cold with Heavy Rains! It was a high of 9C Thursday which is balmy in Alberta but here this is parka and hat weather after the 29C temperatures previously ! It feels cold to us too as the wind is cold and wet! (So there!) We had an appointment at Freightliner to get the computer codes on the exhaust brake checked to see why they are not working properly. It is a huge shop and they are 30 plus repair bays both for large and some small diesel engines....apparently RV's are quite small and not a priority. They have hook ups for RV's in for repair. Thursday was quite wet and a good time for a haircut and shopping. In the afternoon we and Lyle and Dorothy toured the outlining area. They have beautiful acreage subdivisions, huge houses and lots and an abundance of trees. This is the start of hill country. We also went to SAS Shoes Country Store which is an experience as it is set up as an old fashioned country with Coffee, Coke, Popcorn for 5cents and a bag of assorted penny candy is 2 bucks! Dorothy bought shoes. I bought the candy. We spent a pleasant evening dining at the Kilpatrick's and playing a game of cards.
it is interesting the things that we find to do when it is raining and in limbo without our motor home, which they promise to get at by Friday....we've been here since Wednesday afternoon!

Have you ever been to a Container Store? We saw our first container store in Washington, D.C. and this store is even bigger. AND.....if we had a bigger motor home I would be able to organize the house and the cabin at the lake. This store has containers and storage or shelving ideas for EVERYTHING!
More importantly, it is across the street from North Star Mall with numerous stores including Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's. If you are in San Antonio and have spare time this is for you!
By the way, it is mid afternoon Friday when we were able to retrieve our RV with a $$$bill but no solution but we are able to get to our RV Park, Stone Creek, and now feel settled.
Saturday the weather is improving so it is time for the Alamo and the RiverWalk. Our arrival coincides with the St. Patrick's Day Parade and the River Center Mall is streaming with pedestrians. This is a festive day!
The River Walk was quiet as we started on the paths but before we picked our lunch stop we were jostling with the locals and tourists. Like us they were rubber necking at the fun green outfits. The waiters in The Crab Shack entertained us with rap misic and dancing. It was fun!

Of course, no trip to Sab Antonio is complete without a visit to the Alamo!

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