Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lajitas to Presidio, Tx

There is no "Town of Lajitas' as this is the name of a Resort than had a great start and the multi-million dollar golf course was washed out by the river flood caused by the opening of dams on the Mexican side of the river. This would have been a 5 star resort but now is poorly managed/maintained version of the original park. The resort hotel owns and operates the RV park but has little interest in it. This is the quietest park we have been in and has no street lights and very little park lights. It is dark here! This is a BONUS for night time star gazing! You should see the millions of stars that you can see here! The park is 25 miles outside of Big Bend Park entrance and the closest town is also a ghost town, Terlinqua but with a couple of active businesses. We went to a restaurant: the Starlight Theatre which still had the original stage as part of the restaurant. Lyle had "antelope" and said it was great!

The lots are big and since there are only a few RV's here we have most of the amenities to our selves. The people who are here are very friendly and welcoming.

From 2009-03-03 Maverick RV

Take a look a Lajitas and you will see that the other businesses were quite eclectic

It is March 1st and Sunday morning and a Sunday drive east to Presidio is in order. It was a steep, winding mountain road, now one of many that we have been on but still unique. The town of Presidio was very quiet but the street was lined with cars and the churches were full. Obviously this is a family town.

We explored the remains of a Movie Set that was on the banks of the Rio Grande River. The mountain views, the canyons and the river views were awesome but so were the abundance of Spring Blooms! For a closer look click on the slide show.


Snowite73 said...

Interesting places!

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