Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Laredo, Zapata and on to Brownsville.

What a great way to start a day......homemade biscuits, gravy, eggs, sausage, french toast, coffee and local colour! You can't beat that. We are off for a Wal Mart stop for a few groceries then heading east! Now that always takes longer than normal.....for groceries and fuel.The scenery enroute to Zapata was un-inspiring! But the country side today is changing as we get closer to Laredo. We decided to go further east to get close to Thursday's designation and ended up at Zapata, TX near Falcon Lake and Reservoir. We are spending the night at Stinson RV Park and Storage and we can tell that we are near a lake because of the serious fishing boats that are parked beside the 5th wheels or trailers.

The drive on Thursday was very interesting as there are lots of cities along the Rio Grande Valley and the traffic was very busy.

Brownsville is bustling and is a resort town. We lucked into our RV Park which is Rio RV Park Resort and is located east of Brownsville on the Boca Chico Road. A few miles down the road from our park is the Boca Chica Beach which is an undeveloped beach with miles of sand.

The "boys" checked the area and decided to race on the beach. Take a LOOK!! :-)


your son said...

so are you two away for all of march as well???

De Galesloot said...

when are you sending for me as it is blizzarding here today - i don't take up much room

De Galesloot said...

hi gramma, and papa I'm wonder when are you coming home.


Margaret said...

Hi Son, De and Kendra
Yes we have room in the motor home for one person.....maybe Kendra. We won't be home till April.....mid April if your weather is decent! Soory to hear about your snow storm. Hot, Humid and windy here...oh well...we will endure! Mom

Snowite73 said...

Super photos. Neat beach.