Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On The Road to Del Rio

March 3, Tuesday morning is another great blue sky sunny day and we are on the road! Nothing beats the feeling of heading out to the next place and the anticipation of yet another great place to experience. We love it! Once we are out of the park we are taking highway 90 east to Del Rio and will continue east until Brownsville on the Gulf of Mexico. The wonderful thing about a Motor Home is the Imax/Panorama View that is unfolding before you mile after mile. We are deliberately staying off the Interstates and enjoying very quiet roads and easy access to stop at the small towns along the way.

Today that small Hamlet is Langtry, Texas the home of Judge Roy Bean! It is also described as the Ghost Town with a Visitor Centre. It is interesting how many of the Western icons were as lawless and ruthless as the people to whom they were doling out their version of justice.

We have been following the Rio Grande river in south texas and today we drove over the Pecos River outside of Del Rio. We arrive at our RV Park, Broke Mill, around 4:00 pm and received a warm cowboy welcome. This is a new RV park on the west of Del Rio and the owner is excited to welcome his new customers. He is a real down home rancher, who does have a ranch in the area but is looking after his new project. He informed us that one of the RV'ers is a cook and tomorrow morning they are serving breakfast with Buiscuits aand Gravy. We are not going to miss a free texas breakfast!

From 2009-03-06 Broke Mill

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